It’s that time of year – the Mac rumor mill frenzy. I always perversely enjoy this week – the lead up to MacWorld. I browse the rumor sites, scoff at the photoshop mockups (or am suitably impressed when someone’s done a really good job), and generally let myself get wound up in speculation.

Of course, my favorite rumor is the never-dying-mac-tablet.  I haven’t seen it very recently, but it’s always a good one to troop out and march around. Everyone’s all frothing about this mac phone thing. Then Apple’s gone and really twisting things around by pre-announcing this iTV product last year. It’s supposed to be shipping in the first quarter of this year, but other than “something is being made”, nobody is completely clear on what it is. I expect that we’ll hear about it January 8th.

And Apple, of course, loves this. Free publicity. They’re even winding up the crowds with their new home page look: “The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007.”

Well, Gus and Brent will be at MacWorld this year. I hadn’t even considered going to be honest. WWDC has been the Apple conference for me since I started going to it. I’m sure it’ll be a good time though.

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