On the mac rumors side…

It looks like there’s going to be a Mac Tablet after all! Not from Apple, but then given a well done recent article in the Guardian as well as the general rumor mill – well, it was always an “undying” favorite.

I must admit, following the “it’ll need to be better than a phone”, I’m curious to see what comes out of Apple that has phone functionality. If something does – although the bettin’ odds are in favor. It’ll also be interesting to see how much “programability” these new things (iTV, iPhone, whatever) have – and if they’ll sap any of the indie Mac development market talent for them. The iPod’s clearly has some programming API’s for games – but those API’s aren’t exactly what you’d call “accessible” to the average developer.

All in all, though, the indie Mac development community seems pretty healthy. I’m glad – I really think they’re the ones pushing the adoption. There’s the big apps from Apple, Adobe, Microsoft… yeah – but all the niches that aren’t being covered that make up the whole functional usability of the Mac – those are indie.

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