Haven’t seen the real keynote yet…

But I’ve got a link that already contains a spoiler… I guess its not available yet, so I’m holding – head in the sand. Some of my coworkers have been laughing at me already, especially when they start to ask a general Mac question and I jump all up and down shouting “don’t tell me! don’t tell me!”.

It’s been an amusing day. I had a big presentation today, and it went well. Packed the room, which got some amusing comments from a director – he wanted to know what kind of parties I threw.

On a complete lark, I installed a 30-day trial of Camtasia on my work laptop and recorded the whole thing. It was surprisingly easy to grab it all. I spent all of 15 minutes looking at it before the presentation, and in the end I just hit “record” and away it went.

My presentation was about 43 minutes, mostly slides, some interactive. The recorded file was about 94Mb. The most time consuming component is rendering it back out – I’m currently rendering to a flash movie (800×600), it’s been running for nearly 45 minutes, and it’s at 80% complete. Ah well – rendering takes time, especially on a laptop.

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