Geek day at the house…

We geeked out something serious this weekend. It’s the culmination of waiting and planning for (me at least) over a year. We have a new TV, and Karen has her first laptop.

The TV first (since I’m writing). We got a Panasonic TH-42X600U 42″ High Definition Plasma TV. A year ago when we were looking, we considered even bigger TV’s… but they didn’t fit in our house! So today it came, we got a little off-the-air HDTV antenna (and actually get pretty good reception), and of course hooked it immediately up to the XBox. Tonight’s inaugural movie will be… Hero. Very colourful movie with visuals that, well, demand a good showing.

If anyone wants a 34″ CRT television, our old one is looking for a good home (since it’s current owners don’t want it any more).

And no, we’re not going to get cable OR satellite. Thanks – for what we want that’s not online or on DVD’s from Netflix, I think we’ll just get it off the air (local football games on the rare occasion, for example).

And Karen now has a more powerful computer than I do (again..). We just got the latest MacBook Pro for her. Dual boot will probably be coming soon to that machine, while mine stays (relatively) pure using Windows only in a proper sandbox (VMWare Fusion, for example). It will be interesting seeing how much cooler her laptop runs than mine (I’ve a first generation MacBook Pro). Beyond that, they’re externally identical… so who knows how long she’ll actually have the faster computer.

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3 thoughts on “Geek day at the house…

  1. Thanks for the link Justin!

    We inaugurated it tonight with Hero and Master and Commander. Damn, but it’s a nice TV for movies.


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