Java, Mac, iPhone and the marketplace

JDD writes some more about Java and the Mac (I missed his post from yesterday until after I’d written my own), and I really like his commentary about market places and “what’s valuable”.

I watched an interview with Steve Ballmer that I spotted through Digg that was captioned something like “Steve Ballmer laughs at the iPhone”. During the interview, he laughed at being ask the question (at least that was my interpretation of the event) and then went on to cite how it would be a failure because it doesn’t address any business needs. Duncan nails it back (I have no idea if he saw that interview) with “the iPod doesn’t have a business need”.

We’ll continue to use Java, no doubt, as it’s a great back-end statically typed language for servers. For the need it fills, it works very well. That need isn’t mine – I opt for tools that will get my work done farther and faster just by myself, or with only a little other help. Python and Django most recently (server side work), but the Cocoa/Objective-C desktop application frameworks for the Mac as well.

I started to look at Flash to be honest, but I haven’t delved in past reading about the ActionScript 3.0 frameworks. Not quite ready to dive in there yet – too many other things on my plate to concentrate at the moment.

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