Its that cold spring rain

The flowers are making their way up, a few cherry trees have their early blossoms, and it’s damnably cold outside.

There’s a bitter cold winter wind that I remember from Missouri – it’s nothing like that. This is a damp, wet cold. In the various flavors of cold, this is the kind that I think I prefer. It’s a little hard to wear against this cold – a rainproof wind breaker and sweater mostly does the trick, but your hands and feet really feel it. The worst part is that it really takes some work to get warm again.

Guess that’s why its the season of BarleyWine – although I have yet to find any up here in Seattle. Probably just haven’t looked hard enough.

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One thought on “Its that cold spring rain

  1. Rogue brews a few barley wine style ales that can be had at a few of the local markets. I know that it shows up at Whole Foods on occasion and I have seen it at Central Market as well. There is a little beer speciality shop a few blocks from the dBug office that probably has a few to choose from as well.

    Its much more rare to find it on tap, though the Rogue brew house down in Issaquah might have it.


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