The new rules at Diablo

I love lurking about El Diablo on the periodic “I need a break occasion”. I swung by there last night on my way home, and noticed that they’ve taken up the “no wifi on weekends” banner and instituted a few new rules around the house.

1) if you’re gunna sit at a table, but something.
2) no wifi on weekends (they named specific hours, but I didn’t catch ’em).
3) don’t camp there all day if the place is packed.

I’ve got zero, zilcho, zippo issues with these rules. I’m only disappointed (but not surprised) that they felt they needed to place them on table tents around the place. It’s been packed for ages, and the “laptop/wifi camping” clearly sucks up space. I stopped taking my laptop there quite some time back actually – I usually go with a book or a noteboook to write in, and that’s about it.

It’s the “hey guys, buy something” content that I find most disappointing. It’s a fact – if you like a place, you should support it. I spend extra $$ at Queen Anne Ave books because I like having a local bookstore. I spend my $ for latte’s at El Diablo instead of Starbucks. Ya gotta support the places you like, or they won’t be there.

eh, enough soapbox. I hope they (Diablo) gets a positive reaction from their table tents. I really like the place, and I hope it’ll be around for years to come.

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