Jury Duty!

Last week included a trip to Orlando (for work) and this week I’m learning about Jury Duty! I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, but my first half day of jury duty has been quietly waiting. The city jury assembly room is nice – huge wall windows with a view out over the sound. There’s a LOT of light in the room, sometimes to a problem level when the sun is glaring “just so”. They have wifi (and a few spotty problems with it) here, a little kitchenette thingy with a microwave, and even a windowed off “quiet room”.

They “let us out” for lunch a little early today, so I wandered over to the Columbia Tower and munched there, coming back a little early to get a power outlet for the laptop (there’s not too many of those…) and chill out with a coffee.

I’ve got lots I want to write about, a few topics on “how to” Django and such, but the days of late have been really hectic and I’m usually completely bushed by the time I get home in the evening. I passed out at 10:30pm last night (EARLY for me) and slept right on through until the morning. I’ll see if I can get some posts out while I’m waiting over the next day or so.

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