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A few days back I spotted a new article at Apple’s Developer Connection entitled Using the Web Services Core Framework and CFNetwork to Access Remote SOAP Services.

Does this mean that Apple will finally fix the numerous and horrific flaws in that library? I’d love to hear so, but I just don’t have much faith in it. It’s been years with that API out, and the broken code inside it. It can’t even begin to deal with anything other than a so-butt-simple-it-should-be-REST style SOAP API interface. And unfortunately, most of the world is using ASP.NET to generate their SOAP services. If it can’t interoperate, then it’s darn near useless to 90% of the population out there.

Better to write an article on making REST calls and integrating with other API sets rather than attempting to prop up that zombie horse called Web Services Core Framework. Please Apple, just killed the freakin’ thing and be done with it.

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5 thoughts on “WebServices Core

  1. Apple screwed up, I wouldn’t say that any specific programmer at Apple did. Having worked in a lot of larger organizations, it’s clear enough that one programmer working on an API isn’t sufficient, especially when faced with the complexity of the task – and likely pulled off to work on other projects deemed “more important”.

    I don’t know Apple’s internal stance on this API, but I get the impression is was a “checkbox” API for them. “Ok, we’ve got something – move on”. I just wish they’d deprecate the damn thing so people would stop wasting their time with it.


  2. Amen. I’m dealing with something related for iRooster at the moment, and the OS X stack’s ability to deal with web services is just painful.

    Hey btw, nice theme, but the contrast between the background color on the page (white) and this textarea’s text (light gray) is incredibly low. Could you override the stylesheet to make this text black all the time? 🙂


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