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I’m a real stick in the mud for some things – one of those terrible software conservatives that doesn’t want software to change cause I’m really comfortable with it. No matter that my knees are hanging out in the proverbial tatters as it were, it’s comfortable.

So I really had to work to try changing up with my habits using the One True Aggregator (NetNewsWire). Checking out Beta (or pre-beta) software is always interesting, so it wasn’t hard to pull down the latest that Brent’s built and start really trying it out. Lo and Behold, it has this view – “Combined View”. It’s sort of like that whole “peanut butter and banana’s” moment of making sandwiches. Putting together a couple things that you liked separately into a new mix that really, really works. (If you’re alergic to peanuts of something, please substiture your own favorite analogy there – cause the combined view really works, and doesn’t cause anaphylactic shock).

So now I’m just trying to get used to the key combinations that are built in, but already I’m convinced this is the way to go. It’ll be hard moving back to the current release that doesn’t have that view, so I guess I’m going to live bleeding edge for a while. Yeah, it’s that good.

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4 thoughts on “NNW – Combined View Goodness

  1. The look is different, and the flow is much smoother. It may be functionally the same thing, but I think Brent made some significant improvements with the NNW3 layout.


  2. It’s a completely different implementation. The old Combined View did one webview per item. The new Combined View does one big webview, and uses JavaScript and CSS for UI stuff.

    Which makes it *way* faster than the old Combined View.


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