Calva Cafe – good fish, but still forming itself

I stopped by the newest Sushi joint on Queen Anne, Calva Cafe. Cited where everyone on Queen Anne is used to thinking of “Pats Coffee”.

The fish there is excellent. The unagi, in particular, was really wonderful – and there was a lot for the money. Tonight I tried a general smattering of sushi. $16 and some change for the “Sushi Deluxe”: 8 nigiri sushi and a tuna roll. The cuts were all sorts of inconsistent, but the quality of the fish was outstanding. The staff there is friendly, and somewhat disorganized – and I rather like them. I think they’re “trying to hard” at the moment, and it’ll take a while for the settle into something regular. Neat joint though.

Not much inside seating, but it hasn’t been packed there as yet. I’m looking forward to watching them continue, and I’ll periodically pop back in to check them out.

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