Mac Hybrid Apps – DjangoKit

At C4 last year, Brent gave a talk on Hybrid apps – and then graciously redid the same talk for the XCoders. Along those lines, Paul Bissex wrote a short bit about DjangoKit today.

Being a fan of that particular framework, I find it pretty interesting. It’s not quite in the realm of the hybrid application that Brent was talking about, but it’s definitely another take on how you can get some functionality on the desktop in a consistent way pretty darn quickly. I still think straight Desktop style apps that do the cool whizzy feedback will keep their place, but the possibilities for something like DjangoKit to make a quick appliance wrapper interface is really appealing to me. (DjangoKit on Apple TV?)

I haven’t tried out DjangoKit, but I’ve got all the prereqs (that would be a copy of PyObjC on my laptop). It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.

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