Oregon Rock

Well, I’m back – just published the post I wrote before I left, and I have a picture from the trip. We took some ATV’s back up into the hills/mountains of Oregon, and while up there I found some really cool rocks. I’m not even an amatuer geologist, so I’m hoping that maybe one of you know what this is.

It’s shiny and has a greenish cast, almost avacado in coloration. We found it in a pile of shattered rock near the top of one of those hills.

For the record, driving ATV’s up the sides of mountains for a good 6 hours is a lot more physical effort than you might think. Maybe not as much as riding a horse up there, but a hell of a lot more than driving a car.

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  1. Could you put a better photo of the rock online? I think I may know what you’re talking about.



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