Over the past day or so, some really neat code has come available, written in Django – ReviewBoard (project site for ReviewBoard).

Not surprisingly, I downloaded the source and immediately tried to see if I could get it to work on my “day” desktop. Unfortunately, they’re using the python class POpen3 inside the code somewhere, and that’s not available on Windows – so I’ll have to wait until I can get to my desktop at home or a build a quick VM to try this out.

Just the fact that it supported Perforce out of the box damn near landed me on the floor. Of course, these guys are from VMWare, and I knew they used Perforce – but that connection didn’t click in my brain immediately. Since I’m using Perforce at work, I’m really hoping to see if I can cobble something together and do a little “check it out!” show and tell with the groups around me. Regardless of their uptake, it’s a great tool from the brief look I’ve taken from it – and open source to boot. (What was I saying about not having a lot of time recently? damnit…)

Well, hopefully I can just use it out of the box, and maybe even give a quizical eye to some friends who are using Perforce to see if they are interested in trying it out for their internal use.

Now I wonder what it would take to have it pull diffs from Trac bugs in a certain well known Trac instance

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4 thoughts on “ReviewBoard

  1. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for ever since I saw Google’s Mondrian. We use perforce at work. Thanks for the link!


  2. Bingo – me too. I’m just glad that someone else wrote it, and doubly glad that it’s in Django actually.


  3. I just converted it to use subprocess.Popen instead of popen2.Popen3. Let us know if you have any other problems getting it going on windows.

    Thanks for your interest!


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