WWDC day

The WWDC Keynote is done, the blog posts sputtered about, and the general pontification fairly quiet.

For my part, I am hugely relieved that we’re saying goodbye to brushed metal (as I stare it right now…) and an updated finder coming in Leopard. I just hope that it actually performs as well as it looks like it should. The current “spotlight” UI and performance being indicators of just how much suck an otherwise cool feature can have. (i.e. “What the fuck happened to that search result I was just about to click on!!!! Shit.. now how the hell can I get it back?”)

I’ll be interested in seeing the actual desktop, but I expect I’ll have a short bit to wait to see it live and in action. To be honest, I’m not sure what I think of coverflow “folders”. Could be neat? I’m disappointed in coverflow on iTunes – but honestly because I have so many albums that simply don’t have recorded cover art. The problem with liking a lot of folk and Irish music from small bands…

While it’s all nice and flashy to have a black background on the Apple site, the new “menu” at the top that now spans into .Mac space looks rather horrific in .Mac mail. Yeah, the web-app. I use it (a lot), and it doesn’t even render properly on Firefox in Windows. I mean, come on guys – you could’a maybe checked that? It’s not like its an unknown browser…

I wonder what (if any) difference there is between Safari 3.0 beta and the webkit nightlies (which I’ve been running for months). I’m sure the surrounding engine is the difference, but I’m not sure that other than a solid-grey look what those differences are. And why does it have to be a package installer with a reboot? I mean, come on – the Safari Nightly is a great drag’n’drop wonderful install. It’s not like folks at Apple don’t know how to do that.

I’m not at all “underwhelmed” with the keynote. There’s a lot of features that I’d heard about last year displayed prominently (Spaces, Time Machine, Core Animation, Quicklook, etc.) but it was all right on with what I expected – and the added benefit that we’ll really be seeing a new finder shortly.

Heh – and of course I loved the dig about “Ultimate Version: $129”. I still don’t know what the differences are in Vista, and really – I suppose I don’t even care.

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