Local boys interview on Ars Technica

Looks like Ars Technica has some interviews with a couple of local boys – Gus and Brent. Heh – who knows, maybe Gus’ll be like “local boy? who?”. And Brent – you didn’t mention the awesome new combined view!?!

In non-WWDC news, the un-WWDC XCoder crew had a good beer’s evening at Tangletown tonight. Eight folks showed, some food was munched up, and the general consensus was “What the fuck was Steve thinking when he pulled that IPhone SDK bullshit?”. (Actually, the consensus was that he shouldn’t make “sound bytes” for the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets at a WWDC keynote)

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One thought on “Local boys interview on Ars Technica

  1. hey thanks for the link! We’ve interviewed a lot of people at WWDC and we’re still putting them up. Encoding and editing is going a little slow right now. Can’t wait til I get back home to my iMac 🙂


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