damn fine eggs benedict

On a lark, Karen and I stopped by one of the new places on Queen Anne – Julias. There’s a few of them around Seattle, but the Queen Anne location just opened four days ago. I hadn’t been there, but a few friends have commented about the really high quality of food. (Funny enough, the new Queen Anne location isn’t even listed on the contact page on their web site, but there’s a page about the specific location)

They serve breakfast until 1pm on Saturday (thank god, because I was moving slow today…), so I tried their Eggs Benedict – and I’ve got to say it’s best I’ve had in Seattle. Beats the Blue Star Cafe in Wallingford hands down. Not too much lemon, the yolks were good, messy and meshed the flavors together beautifully. I’m glad not too many people were there yet – I have a sneaking suspicion that they’ll be having LONG lines later this summer as word gets out. Competition to rival the 5 Spot for crazy morning crowds.

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