I love this quote

From an article at boston.com on Games and AI that popped up in the ACM daily news bites:

“A lot of the most interesting work in artificial intelligence is being done by game developers,” says Bruce Blumberg, senior scientist at Blue Fang Games in Waltham, and formerly a professor at MIT’s Media Lab. “You have really bright kids who are dealing with problems they don’t realize are insoluble. They’re very motivated.” 

Makes me think that maybe we should consider more of these interesting problems a little less onsoluble… I don’t know what Blue Fang is actually up to, but I’ve also held this opinion for a few years. I rather mourn the loss of the Synthetic Characters Group that Bruce was running. Maybe “loss” is the wrong word – but I miss being able to read up on their research and what they were doing. I recall one of that team going to work for Microsoft (Bungie, actually) just prior to them getting into gear for Halo 2. I’ve often wondered if the research flowed a bit from there into the AI for the aliens in Halo 2.

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