Mindcamp 4

Today was Mindcamp 4 – The shortest mind camp to date (12 hours), and in a new venue (Tukwilla Community Center). It was a really nice venue, and the shortened venue worked out reasonably well. I’m sort of glad we’ll be moving back to a 24 hour format with the next mind camp (january-ish) – just because I like the very-late-night social aspects.

One of the neat tidbits I brought home was a copy of Scott Berkun’s The Myths of Innovation, which I’ve been wanting to read.

I was one of maybe 12 iPhone owners there, and you can be sure that fiddling with, and babbling about, the iPhone was a fairly common event and topic. Although I’ve got to say, the best session for me was put on by Federated Media. The guys apparently flew up from Frisco and gave a really excellent high-level “state of the union” for making money with your site from advertising.

I think the worst session for me was the very first one of the day, entitled “Where is web 2.0 going”. Seemed like a bunch of folks talking past each other, and I just couldn’t quite get engaged in anything anyone was talking about (or apparently trying to talk about).

I missed a session on Go (the game), but otherwise I’m very happy with what I was able to see and get involved with. One of the “hey, follow up with that” concepts was Saturday House, which looks enticing – although I’ll have to figure out time to make that work with my current schedule. I love the concept though. Seems like a whole pile of pythonista’s are lurking about in that group, although its really nothing about python. One of Lion Kimbro’s ideas just gone a bit rampant and apparently reasonably effective.

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