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Maybe this is common knowledge, but I just figured it out at the coffee shop this afternoon. If you point the iPhone to an RSS feed, then Safari will redirect it through reader.mac.com to generate an HTML layout for the iPhone.

I’ve got to admit, that’s going to make me tweak up my bookmark set now – at least so I can scan news on the iPhone a little better. Given a choice, I’d like to see what Brent would make for the iPhone as an RSS reader, but I expect that’ll have to wait until Apple opens the API/SDK a bit (i.e. at all).

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One thought on “iPhone RSS

  1. As much as I would like to see NetNewsWire on the iPhone, I think the most likely solution is for Newsgator to do an optimized web site for iPhone. That is a pretty good solution since it will solve many of the sync issues you would have with the desktop app.

    Seeing some of the initial work people are doing for skinning sites, I think there is more potential in the web app market than we’ve been giving it credit for. Even if iPhone is opened to 3rd party developers, it will be some sort of certification process. Web apps are the only way you are going to push anything anytime to the iPhone.


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