iPhone speed

Ars Technica has a link up for a speed test on the iPhone (via DSL Reports) as well as talks about what they’ve been seeing

I’m in LA this week, so I’m living “on the EDGE” with my iPhone – this will be the definitive workout. The latency sucks – minimum of 600ms, and spanning up to 1.8 seconds for the small requests. No wonder it takes forever to get email. That initial connect is going to be exceptionally crappy I think. I wonder if we’re actually doing a little “modem” work in the background while on the edge that contributes to that terrible initial latency time?

The speed that I recorded a few seconds ago was 85kbps and then a few minutes later 51kbps. If Cingular/AT&T upgraded their network – then I’m damn glad they did. And I think they ought to consider doing a little more there too…

I do rather wish the office here had an open, just-public-internet WIFI linkage.

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