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Since I’m relatively disconnected from my usual mail reading tools, I’m watching and processing a lot of mail on my iPhone. For the most part, it’s working pretty well. I’m getting good at switching into “Edit” mode and deleting emails that I can easily tell are spam (I don’t have good spam filtering on all my email accounts). One of the elegant pieces of UI is that to delete a piece of mail while in that “headers listing” view, you tap on the left of the message and then you have to tap on the right to finish the delete. Enough to make the process intentional while not adding a bazillion taps, drags, or whatever to accomplish the task.

One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s NOT easy to undelete. In fact, I haven’t found a way to do it at all with the iPhone. The best solution I’ve found to date is to log into .Mac mail (the web client), and then I can drive down to the trash, find the email that I accidently put there, and move it back to the inbox.

Working strictly on the EDGE network makes this all a little more painful – but just waiting to get the little 2-line preview in the headers view of the mail is worth it. It’s quick to tell what’s useful and not with it.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone mail reading

  1. Joe,

    Try dragging your finger from the left to the right on a message in the headers listing. It deletes it without having to go into edit mode…which is pretty cool. Discovered that on accident.

    I think you can undelete if you save your “deleted” messages by just moving it out of the trash.



  2. That slide and tap trick is pretty nice – although you’ve got to be careful with the slide not to be too sloppy, or it doesn’t appear to work.

    I can undelete by moving them from the trash – you’re right.



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