can’t restore without activations…

Well that’s just stupid. You can’t restore the iPhone back to a working setup without the AT&T activation system working – and I didn’t learn that it was down until AFTER I’d done the restore. Now I’ve got to wait with a non-functioning phone until tomorrow around Noon (3pm EST) for the AT&T crew to get their shit back working again.

To be fair, it makes sense that you’d need to activate the phone again from a fresh restore – but it’s damned annoying that they didn’t even warn me and now my phone is completely out. Damnit.


With the activation system back online, the restore process works faultlessly. Unfortunately, I’ve also come to rely on that phone for a lot more – amazing how fast that happens – and missed a few rather important points over the past 12 hours. Ouch. My fault, obviously, for missing on my own calendar – but damn that sucks.

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2 thoughts on “can’t restore without activations…

  1. Sorry to hear it. If it makes you feel any better, I’m seeing one of the Mail engineers tomorrow morning and I can whine to him about the message stuck in your outbox. 🙂


  2. Heh, that’d be cool. I’d like to just be able to nuke the message – or get it back into Drafts or something if it didn’t send properly. Ah well – at least the system is due to be back active today at Noon, and I’ll have a phone again then.


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