wedged email message in the iPhone

Well, I’m downloading the restore image and hoping that’ll resolve this. I’ve managed to wedge an email in the outbox that the iPhone can’t send (the mail gateway rightfully complains that it’s not a legitimate “from” address) and I can’t seem to get at the thing any other way.

I was goofing with moving mail around, and took a received message, managed to push it into drafts, and from there “send it”. That’s left it in the unmarked, unavailable “outbox” queue where I can’t get my little mitts on it to delete it. Ah well, interesting experiment.

I did try replacing the email sync with data from the computer, but that apparently didn’t nuke the outgoing queue. I’ve got everything sync’d down from the phone (except for notes – but then I don’t use them since I can’t sync them) – so I guess I’m good. The restore image is 91.2MB and coming down the pipe slowly tonight.

In general, the phone was incredible while traveling in LA last week. I wore down the battery the most during the flights (watching some movies that I ripped from DVD) and a few hour long conference calls – light duty otherwise. (The heavy days took it to 50% charge). It’s really held up well. I just hope the battery continues to keep up the good work.

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