The public transit link that Portland missed…

When it comes to public (and mass) transit systems, I adore Portland. They’ve done a great job, and like some other Seattle-ites, I growl periodically when I think about how short sighted this city was when thinking about its future some 10+ years ago and we had the relevant vote.

But as I’m getting set to head to Portland on Sunday for OSCON, I can’t help but think they missed a link. I know I’m rare in this, but I’m taking the train down… and the Amtrack station is 5 blocks from the nearest light-rail link in Portland. The light rail goes right out to the airport – so they definitely hit the more used choice, but I still like rail transit, so I use it. And while it’s not impossible to drag the luggage through five blocks of Portland’s downtown area, it is a pain in the butt.

Ah, well. I’m looking forward to OSCON and catching up a few folks, seeing some fellow Django-nista’s there, and generally taking it in. Here’s to hoping that we avoid record breaking temperatures this year… last year was kinda hellish. Especially when the hotels couldn’t keep their AC running.

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5 thoughts on “The public transit link that Portland missed…

  1. I can verify nicholas’s comment as my wife and I walked past the new construction on our way to take the train home from a recent trip.

    However, Portland blocks are really short (only 200 feet), so those 5 blocks to the Streetcar line aren’t as bad as all that.

    Enjoy your visit to our saner (transit-wise anyway) neighbors.


  2. Yes thats true about Portland missing the AMTRAK TRAIN with their amazing light rail, hey they really missed the BUS too, having dragged my luggage even further from the light rail to get to the Greyhound bus station…and through a not so nice part of town. Oh well, I am sure those progressive Rose City Planners will read these comments and make the necessary adjustments !


  3. They’re definitely adding in a link to the bus and train station – right up “the mall”. Made walking around there over OSCON a little difficult even, but I think the result will be terrific. From the progress and placards, they’ll have the whole loop finished and running in 2009.


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