OSCON 2007

Day 1 of OSCON 2007 is done, and we’re working into Day 2 at this point. The afternoon tutorial “Django Master Class” was excellent, and the details of the talk are conveniently available on Jacob’s web site. Jeremy, Jacob, and Simon did a terrific job of it, and there was a lot of great tidbits in there that I hadn’t seen earlier. Since when did the testing framework get so tremendously improved?! It’s really impressive!

I also got a chance to meet Paul Bissex, who wrote briefly about the first day of OSCO. He’s in the Python WSGI session with me now.

Speaking of which, I’ve now learned about FAPWS from William (downloads) which was one of the WSGI servers mentioned, and apparently tested with Paul’s simple wiki code. It uses PyEvent under the covers, and apparently achieves some very nice performance characteristics.

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