OSCON done for the year

I’ve got a lot more to post about, so this won’t be the last post from it, but OSCON is wrapped up for the year. The iPhone has been incredible for being at the conference. I took the laptop a couple of times, but I didn’t feel like I really needed it all that much unless I was really downloading code or hacking on a project. Checking email or looking things up on the web were always in the pocket. That’s just a hell of an advantage! There were a couple of times when it even failed over to using the edge network – which at least kept the data flowing even when the wifi network would crap out.

As an aside, doing networking for a conference has to be about the most thankless job with completely pathological use cases that I can imagine. There was even the slides in the keynotes asking folks not to stream video or torrents… which means that someone was doing it and eating what limited bandwidth was available.

Even posting to this blog has been pretty good from the iphone, although I’m not a super speedy finger typist.

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