I’ve a pile of things to write about – a veritable tsunami backlog, at least compared to recent months. But since I’m being a slacker and not getting it done right now, here’s a couple neat links to check out.

Courtesy of Duncan – he’s got me beat pretty handily living in the Pearl District. Where he pulled a 91, we’ve got an 83. But we definitely moved “up” when we migrating from Missouri – my house there rated a 49 (and that’s pretty darn good for Missouri).

20 Watts from a bouncing buoy – mini-powerplants and energy sources has become a recent fascination of mine. From sterling engines and solar panels to some of the more outlandish critters like this. I’d heard of the technology for “muscles” in robots, but I didn’t know that anyone had inverted the process and was generating electricity from motion with it.

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