nice iPhone update – mail and wifi

I didn’t really notice anything significant about the iPhone update the rolled out the other day until I started using mail off an IMAP account a little more. All of a sudden, the various IMAP folders are now visible – AND I can shove email into them as I like. That’s really, really nice.

It doesn’t appear to enable me to store from one IMAP account into another’s mailbox like Mac’s does, but it’s a lot better than just seeing the Inbox, which was all I had prior to the update. Somewhere along the line, I even managed to get a “Trash” mailbox in addition to the normal “Trash” on my .Mac account – so I even see both of those.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that I can now connect and USE my local wifi. Previously, it didn’t recognize and work on the old wifi access point I had in the house, but it’s connecting and working just fine now! That’s incredibly wonderful for me, since the EDGE network is better than nothing at all, but it still frankly sucks for any reasonable amount of data transmission.

Thanks Apple! Nice update! (of course I still want an Objective-C API…)

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2 thoughts on “nice iPhone update – mail and wifi

  1. I had not heard of missng IMAP folders before your post. Had you encountered others with the saw problem? I sort of wonder if fixing your problems had more to do with the return to clean state that the update does rather than actual bug fixes.

    Interestingly it seems that outgoing mail from iPhones through our SMTP server have now started taking on a huge delay before sending since he update. Hopefully there is a simple fix for is!


  2. Hadn’t heard nor seen a thing – it could easily be because of a rather odd, custom IMAP setup that I have for one of my accounts. I’d also reverted the phone completely a few weeks back, but it didn’t show up then – only after the 1.0.1 update – so I think that’s the kicker.

    Have you taken a look at your SMTP server logs to see when the mail is getting there from the iPhone and when it’s getting kicked forward? I’ll bet its coming out “later” from the iPhone than it was earlier.


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