I took some time this evening to go see the Halo 3 IMAX Preview Event. Imagine playing Halo on a big screen. A really, really big screen. Now combine that with seeing the game as its winding down into its final state and getting a chance to see some of the game play. Yep, that’s what I did.

I took a notebook and after dinner spent the time sketching and thinking about some code design problems, and aside from a rather uncomfortable wait outside the Seattle Center IMAX theatre, the time went pretty darn fast.

So here’s the dark secret – I don’t even know if I’ll be getting Halo right when it comes out (Sept 25th). I really liked Halo, and I enjoyed Halo 2. But I think I’m going to wait and see a bit with Halo 3. Don’t get me wrong – it looks incredible. It looks like a game built entirely for the twitch addicts of the world. Which, unsurprisingly, I’m not. I’m OK. I don’t really get into competitive multiplayer. What I really enjoyed was late night co-op play with my brother in law. Now it’s got that in spades – 4 person Co-op play. I’ve got to image this is going to be a tricky game to complete.

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