Viewing the night sky

I was listening to a podcast from NPR the other day – one of the “Science Friday” episodes where they talked about camping and reviewed a book called Camp Out!: The Ultimate Kids’ Guide.

The book sounds fun (I’m thinking about various nephews and nieces there), but I think the real gem of that conversation was a listener’s comment about the site Heaves Above. Of course had to be a spam/link site (dirt sucking scum with no value generated it, no doubt) – so it took a little Google help to find the right site – with a hyphen in between the names.

It’s a cool site that collects and manages a whole bunch of data about what you can see in the sky. Astronomy and more – all available. For example, the result of finding Seattle on that site includes links on the astronomy, predictions for when you can see satellites, and even cooler – what iridium flares will be showing up (and where) in the new 24 hours or 7 days. In short, it’s a really cool site.

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