Gus released Acorn earlier this week, which I was incredibly glad to see released into the wild. For one thing, I think Gus was starting to seriously loose it – talking to himself and even interviewing himself

But seriously, I’ve been beta testing this critter for quite a while now, and love it. It’s been great for a lot of the little image editing needs I’ve had, and frankly it seems like Adobe doesn’t give a shit about Photoshop Elements, so I’ve been stuck running PSE 2.0 under the emulator on my intel macs for months. Now I’ve got a solution that does pretty much everything I need in one shot, intel native, and I can support a friend to boot. Gus really tagged it in his interview at TUAW – I don’t even use half of Photoshop Elements. I just want to lightly tweak and crop some images and get on with my life.

I’d tell you some of the horror stories of the UI development with this app, but really that’s for Gus to share or not as he will. Let’s just say that it went through a lot of thought, changes, and experiments – and I really like the single “tool” window concept that he landed on.

And since I’m otherwise being glowingly enthusiastic, let me finish with telling you what it doesn’t have that I wish it did – free rotate. I’ve got a few pictures that I took that aren’t quite square for what I want, and I’d like to spin the image a bit. Just a bit though, not 90 degrees or something. Eh – something for the feature request list anyway.

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