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Some very cool news – Django now has a public build site up ( running, matching the trunk and one of the branches against an assortment of versions of python and databases. Matt Croydon and I are going to be working together to work out the kinks and continue to drive the build environment forward.

All props to Matt for the initial deployment and use during the current sprint. There’s still some bugs and kinks to work out of the system – and we’re going to be hammering those out as soon as the sprint it complete. Since Matt got it functional for the sprint, we didn’t want to mess with the configurations and start throwing false alarms while there was such dedicated forward progress going on.

Right now, we’ve got some base builds and tests running against Python 2.4 and 2.5 with Postgres and SQLite to pretty good effect. Still remaining are stable runs against MySQL, anything with Python 2.3 support, and more effective implementations to make it easier for us to support remote build slaves (Oracle? Windows? anyone?) and enable branches to get built a little more easily.

There is plenty to go, and we’re just getting kicking. I’m sure you’ll hear more as we get things nailed down and continue moving forward.

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2 thoughts on “Django Buildbot

  1. If you send me short instructions I could set up build slaves to test python 2.4 postgres trunk/newforms-admin.


  2. Thanks Florian!

    Matt and I are working on those kinds of details right now. I’ll post more on my blog (and probably on the djangoproject site as well) when we’ve nailed down a few details.


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