HALO 3 Launch Party

Let me start by admitting that this whole thing, to me, is a little silly. Still, silly or not, I couldn’t help coming over to bellevue this evening to see what this thing is all about.

At the moment there’s a dude with a megaphone extorting the crowd to “stay in line”, more or less bribing the mob they creating with halo schwag. “Microsoft has plenty of free stuff… Seems to be the current refrain. The whole place actually has an air of being sort or barely contained. Some lady walked to the corner of the line with a bunch of posters to give out. It was amazing how fast she was mobbed with open hands waving about like strange tentacles.

The feel of the crowd is weird to me too. A mix of folks in clumps who’ve had waaay to much mt dew and are just constantly screaming mixed with others who are more or less exuding “putting in our time” to get this game at midnight something.

The setup has the end of the line way back in the dark, where not even megaphone man is really paying any attention. At 10pm, the line doesn’t seem to be growing. I don’t have any interest in standing it. Shoot – you’d miss all the spectacle of this without roaming around and seeing whats going on closer to the front of the line.

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