iPhone addict

Hello, my name is Joe… and I am an iPhone addict.

That’s how it starts, right?

The phone has been a great success for me. I’ve “played with” other, older smart phones (the iPaq with WIFI and CDMA – I had *such* hopes for it…) and none of them really suited what I wanted. Of course, one of the things I really wanted was for it work with my Mac, which most didn’t do without some interesting, 3rd party gymnastics.

So the iPhone does that – it syncs nicely. Because it’s also my phone, I have it with me all the time. In response, I’m listening to podcasts again. Just that would be a nice value-add – something to do while I’m transiting around on the bus.

Now add email and safari – man, you’ve got me hooked. Yeah, the “EDGE” network is a slow piece of crap, but it’s mostly functional – and it works pretty much anywhere around Seattle. There are a few dark “holes” in coverage on the back side of Queen Anne and the like, but really it is finally that ubiquitous data coverage that I figured/hoped would one day exist.

Mostly, it was checking my person mail – maybe browsing a bit on the bus. But with use, as you might imagine, its now expanded. Karen and I were eating at Icon Grill the other evening on a lark. A couple of tourists were asking the waiter about good coffee… the man was expressing some frustration that he wasn’t finding the earth-shattering experience he’d be able to find some ten years back. I popped out the iPhone and found Cafe Vita, and its nearest address. Then I put it away… and as we left, I stopped by their table and mentioned the place and location to them so they could find the incredible coffee that Seattle has to offer.

So maybe I’m not a always-data-all-the-time junkie. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me – I’ve always been a bit of an information junkie. But its only getting better (or worse, depending on your point of view). Now that you can install some custom, interesting apps without much problem or issue, it’s really moving along.

So what’s next on this cheese plate? I’m not even sure, but I’m looking forward to it…

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