Another IM client for MacOS X – Trillian

I’ve been using Adium for ages on the Mac, and the closest I found to that on Windows was Trillian and Miranda. I’ve been using Trillian for ages – and now it seems that Cerulean is porting Trillian to the Mac.

I have some coworkers who are thrilled about the port, but I’m not sure how we’ll it’ll do in the Mac market. Adium frankly kicks ass. One of the benefits that my Win32 compatriots have loved is the RSS reader that’s built into Trillian Pro. I never bought into Trillian Pro – and I use the one true RSS reader for the Mac already.

While I use Trillian on my desktop at work, I use Miranda on my laptop. For the “I’m a cheap bastard” version (i.e. I didn’t pay anything) of both of them Miranda works very nicely.

I wish the Cerulean folks the best – it’s going to be stiff competition in the Mac world. Then again, that usually means that everything gets better – so have at!

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