I spotted this tool at first from jonathan saggau’s, but I didn’t know what it was. mdmunoz pointed me to the tool – GrandPerspective. Man – this is a tool I’ve been looking for.

I’ve seen the grid-maps used before – mostly market related graphs. It really answers the question of “who’s largest” in a huge collection, giving a great sense of scale and size in a hierarchical structure. Which is perfect for that nagging question of “Where the hell did my disk space go?” Okay – so an 80GB drive just isn’t enough anymore with media. That’s just the facts now.

I freed up a good double-handful of gigabytes already this evening with the tool, just checking around in my home directory. This critter is going to be a fairly constant companion now… at least until I have more disk on my computer than I easily need at any time, which I don’t think will be any time soon.

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