Sunset from the bus…

As I was heading home, the new time change effects were dramatically apparent as I watched the sun set while on the bus. It’s not that far home, but by the time I stepped inside it was already late dusk.

It’s been a busy evening already. There’s been some cleaning duties that I’ve put off for far too long, and tonight they got done. I’ve hauled out a 90MHz PC, a who-knows-what whitebox PC, and a Performa 5300 to the car to get them hauled down to RePC and recycled. We’ve needed the space in the basement for a while, and I haven’t turned on a single one of them for over two years. Yep, a sign. Time to get rid of ’em.

I’m even thinking that I’ll recycle the 533MHz G4 that I’ve got as a functioning desktop computer (er, Music player, Mail depot, and XBox wireless gateway really) when we get a new mac. That’ll be a bit yet, but it’s coming.

We still do have 1 CRT in the house – attached to Karen’s PC. Although I think that may be going away shortly as well – she’s got a flatscreen to replace it. Amazing how much space you save with a flatscreen…

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One thought on “Sunset from the bus…

  1. Gotta love the flatscreens!
    I’ve been in full on ‘get the house clean b4 winter hits’ mode.
    Took 9 boxes of books to the library for the book sale,
    took 3 boxes of misc. to the Goodwill, and sent one of my saddles out on trial, so I hope it sells and doesn’t come back to roost in my spare bedroom. Now I just need someone to take the 55 gal aquarium and the unused exercise machine off my hands.


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