Arduino in the house!

I got a ticket for registered, return receipt package from the post office this week. I was sure that it was “no good” news and was dreading picking it up. Boy was I wrong!

As I mentioned in my post about Making Things Talk, I’d attended OSCON last year and the tutorial about integrating the physical with the virtual – specifically second life. Turns out that the Arduino that I thought we’d just never get showed up! The lady at the Post office was confused by a return receipt package from Italy, and once I found out what country it was from, I knew immediately what it was.

It’s a cool kit – various small electronics pieces (led’s, pots, transistors, capacitors, etc), a nice large breadboard, a great set of jumper wires, the arduino board itself, and a USB cable for hooking it all up and programming the thing. There was also a nice little note from Jon Oxer to recap from OSCON. It had within it a link to SmartProjects – the manufacturer in Italy, the website, and a link to the video of this same presentation as a Google Tech Talk.

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