It’s been almost a week since the ‘gPhone’ announcement came out – the “Android” project. I watched a lot of the feedback on blogs, checked out the news. Before it was announced, I’d make a fresh ubuntu virtual image – figuring I could download a tool chain and get a sense of what might be available. Part of my rear-brain was betting that Google had invested secretly into the OpenMoko thing – I’d seen one at the last OSCON and was actually fairly impressed with it.

Sadly, none of that happened. I’m not sure exactly what did happen, except that I think Steven Frank nailed it on the head:

“A 34-company committee couldn’t create a successful ham sandwich, much less a mobile application suite.”

“For heaven’s sake: Find someone, ONE person, with a unique vision. Lock them in a room with some programmers and a graphic designer. Twenty people, tops. Change the world. Quit re-hashing the same old bullshit and telling me it’s new, exciting, or in any way innovative. Be ready to fail, many times, but for love of all that is holy take a stand on something.”

Brilliant. Right on the money.

Now Steven – blog about Jericho, OK?

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  1. found your blog off of google blog search, and wanted to say that that quote “for heaven’s sake…” is pretty good. I think that really represents the whole OpenMoko philosophy and the stance I am taking on my website which is all about the moko.

    Unfortunately I have a feeling the cariers will bastardize googles open source vision….so I am gonna stick with the OpenMoko project


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