Amory Lovins – energy and the environment

I’ve been listening to Amory Lovins through the IT Conversations podcasts. There’s a two parter there by him where he’s talking about Energy Efficiency in Transportation (Part 1, Part 2). This is some stunning stuff. If you’re interested in some ideas of how our industries could take innovation and turn around this whole we’re-fucked-with-carbon-emissions thing and make money at the same time, take a listen.

He’s sort of a manic speaker, and there’s plenty of places where he’s racing ahead so fast through ideas I just want to shout “Whoa dude! I need to fact check that…”. In general though, I’m really appreciating his perspective – which is definitely not standard – and I think incredibly valuable. If you’ve got a couple hours of commute time to burn, download those podcasts and take a listen.

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