Redcode returns!

I didn’t even try and make an entry for the IronCoder competition, but I always watch what comes out. Shoot – just reading some of that code is a hell of an interesting perspective on how folks are getting things done.

As I was reading through the project list of submitted entries, I just started laughing when I saw that Josh Freeman had an entry called “CoreWar 85”. I thought, “naw, it couldn’t be…” – but sure enough, it’s a fully functional CoreWar/redcode tournament engine, completely with a visual of the memory space. He even included a few redcode programs from back in the day.

Of course I had to play out a few tournaments with the code included, all the while snickering and laughing outright. Karen came over and wondered why these little red and blue lights zipping about the screen was causing my noise, so I had to explain the history a bit of the game.

Josh – even if you don’t win, that’s a 100% beaut entry and “retro” theme. Congrats!

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