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I don’t really have enough time between things to play Mass Effect, but I figure I have a few minutes to scribble up a blog post. I played the game until about midnight last night, working through a bottle of wine while I did. I half expected to be in bad shape this morning, but the wine went down nicely and didn’t leave me with any terrible ill effects this morning. It was a wine I hadn’t had before – Sangre de Toro. It had a short nose and a short finish with a nicely sharp bite to it that went well with dinner last night.

Without any significant lubrication today (no port, as yet…) I’ve been cooking up a storm. Turns out dinner is aimed for a little earlier than I expected, so while I made some pie dough, it’s still setting up in the fridge. I bought a couple of frozen crusts to be safe, and ended up using them when I pulled together a couple of pumpkin pies that are in the oven now. The turkey is ready to go too – we’ll have LOTS of leftovers – and I’m simmering up a light roue to make a bit a gravy with the turkey drippings when it’s all set to come out. I guess another 15 or so minutes for the pies, then re-arrange the oven racks, and the turkey goes in.

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