Eventlet – more python concurrent programming

Doing that RSS read-up for the evening, and I spotted a bit about Eventlet on Wes Felter’s blog. Just looking at the summary… well – by god, it seems a like to Kamaelia’s Axon.Component thingy.

Here’s the snippet that caught my attention:

Eventlet is a networking library written in Python. It achieves high scalability by using non-blocking io while at the same time retaining high programmer usability by using coroutines to make the non-blocking io operations appear blocking at the source code level.

Reading some more about it, it seems even closer to the Stackless conceptual layout, with a built-in channels mechanism/library as well. (I’d like deeper into there, but the MediaWiki thingy that Linden Labs is using appears to require a login to just see the pages… Either that or there’s a lot of missing wiki pages that are linked up).

Guess I’ll have to redo my hackysack implementation with this library and see how it compares…

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