basement treasures

Karen has decided that the basement needs to be taken into hand – so she’s been doing the mad dervish thing down there. Twirling about, things getting moved and switched, organized and randomized to my eyes. It’s always better when she’s done, but it’s like those recursive logic puzzles where to get the stack moved to the right pillar, you’ve got a mess in between.

After moving a couple of larger tool boxes for her, she said she had a surprise for me – and boy did she! My first fountain pen – which has been lost the better part of five years – she found in a box of pens from when we moved to Seattle. Obviously I’d expected to open that box sooner, but like any large move – it just got completely lost in the shuffle.

It’s not an amazing example of the art of a fountain pen, but it was my first one – and a damn fine writing utensil. A colibri pen with a stainless steel nib – smooth from a lot of past use and at this point pretty melded to my writing style – well, at least my handwriting style from five years ago. It’s a cartridge based pen, and I’ve spent the past half hour working with cleaner to get the nib back to something where I can write with it. Still need to find some cartridges for it – but a quick trip to Queen Anne Office supply I’m sure will resolve that problem.

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