Good Services Plumbing did just that…

Rob at Good Services Plumbing has resolved Lake Garfield into a few puddles – thank god. Longer term, I think we’re looking at a sump near the back door where most of the inflow comes from. There’s also the option of “2 1/2 days of Jose” – which would mean trenching a route through the middle of the basement for some drain-pipes to get set.

The sump has the benefit of being a tad quicker, maybe a little cheaper and doesn’t involve a jackhammer in our basement for 2+ days. The downside is that if the power goes out – back to Lake Garfield. At least for the “big dump” rain days like I suspect we’ll be seeing more and more frequently into the future.

Rob was fantastic – and this is a brazen plug for those guys. If you’re looking for a plumber to do some work, check out Good Services Plumbing. We’ve used them on quite a number of jobs now, and they’ve always treated us very well.

PS: Karen’s decided that she wants to watch the movie The Poseidon Adventure tonight. I damn near chocked when she said that.

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2 thoughts on “Good Services Plumbing did just that…

  1. If you go the sump route, check out a basement watchdog. It’s a battery backup that will typically last a few days if your power goes out. We have one here in our basement along with an extra pump in case the main dies. Works great.

    As an alternative, you can buy sumps that hook up to your water supply, using a siphoning action to pump out the water. I believe these don’t require any form of power, just a water line and a drain.


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