Lake Garfield

Three storms converging on Seattle in one weekend – yeah, the expected happened. I just didn’t expect so much of the expected.

Our basement’s flooded, and another round of lift, move, drape to get boxes rearranged on things relatively impervious to water has been the late morning and afternoon. A plumbing is coming by sometime this afternoon to see about a basement drain that is either not working, or working very, very slowly. At this point, the water is flowing in under the back door to the basement (sunken steps), through the basement, and out the door to the garage, and from there out into the street and away. That means it’s as deep as it’s going to get – thank god – but still damned annoyed. Maybe’s it’s more like “Garfield Creek” rather than “Lake Garfield”. A few points in the basement are just over 1″ deep – but mostly it’s finding it’s own way out. We’ll have some impressive standing puddles when this is done, but we’ve also worked the broom sweep water sequence before – so I think we can knock it down pretty quick. It’s just damn wearing.

The really surprising thing on this is one is that it’s coming from all corners of the basement. Usually it’s just the back door area – a place where a few sunken steps lead to the basement. There’s a poorly installed french drain that’s more like a french well when the water levels get high enough. We’ve figured that the outflow from most of the houses immediately around us gets directed into a relatively small patch of grassy area – our “back yard”.

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