Made it to CoMo

Made it Columbia, MO just before it started sleeting. It was an odd trip weather wise. I took off from Seattle and landed in Denver for a short layover – the temperature was quite cool and there was a lovely dusting of snow all around. When I left Seattle it was lightly raining and in the 40’s. Denver was dry (duh, that’s what Denver is) and in the 30’s.

When I arrived in St. Louis, it was positively balmy! The reported temp was 60 (!) and it was overcast. Not surprisingly, the rain started after a little while. We wandered around St. Louis running a few errands (since when did St. Louis get Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods?), we headed down to Columbia.

Just as we got home in Columbia, the rain switched over to sleet. Dan (my brother in law) and I decided to make a run out to the mall around 9pm, and by that point we had a nice layer of icy snow and blowing wind. It was really cool – hadn’t been out in a good snowstorm in quite a while. This sort of thing would cripple Seattle in short order, but true to form a good number of lunatics were happily out and about in Columbia. Dan and I did snicker about the number of pickups who cleared hadn’t put much weight in the rear end… they were all over the place. We got our errands done and returned (the snow does help reduce the crowds at the mall), sliding a bit but really enjoying it.

It was certainly nice waking up this morning to a white field and shiny ice-trees all over the place. Add in coffee, muffins, and chillin’ out sitting in the kitchen overlooking a wildlife area – this is shaping up to be a lovely Christmas break.

Oh – and I’ve been told that I need to stop writing so much about “concurrent pythons” and “that energy stuff”. Guess my family doesn’t quite care for my random technical meanderings… heh. Wait till I shove out that draft I’ve been working on about multi-core computer archictures.

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