My other brains…

My “backup brains” are typically notebooks. I’m always running around with at least one (usually a Moleskine) and sometimes a couple of them (different sizes are handy!). The crew at XCoders have often wondered what the hell I have in them, although they’re all ready enough for me to take down the book for whatever the pool of the moment happens to be (last time, it had to do with our now-at-apple Lucas).

But something joyous happened recently – I’m using a Mac at work again for the first time in several years. And yeah, the usual application set got loaded damn near immediately - NetNewsWire, Adium, VoodooPad, Acorn, TextMate, Omnigraffle, Firefox… (there’s more, but I’ll stop there). The new brain that’s been added into the daily mix is VoodooPad Pro.

Just before I left for the holidays (about two weeks back now), I scribbled down everything I could think of that I was working on into a single VP doc. Thank god! It turns out that while I was away, they had to move me at the office – so my paper notes were near useless. I spent the day reconstituting my desk (water required, of course, in the form of coffee) – but I had my critical notes immediately available on the Mac with VoodooPad.

I still haven’t quite gotten into the todo-list habit with it (although that strike-out line is a neat feature), but I’ve got my scribbles and notes available all the time (voodoopad runs constantly). It’s my digital backup brain.

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