The night before Christmas…

Okay – so only a Mac geek would describe January 14th as the “night before Christmas”. But that’s sort of how it’s feeling.

First I didn’t expect the sleet and snow that is now covering the yard and street. Damn – I didn’t even dress for it (last I recall, today was supposed to be sunny and warm – I didn’t get the weather update memo though…). Instead of a nice sunny day, I headed out to lunch into seriously blustering and damn chilly weather. I ducked back into the office as quick as I could – not to emerge until 5:30pm to head home. It at least wasn’t blowing as hard, but it was still pretty darn chilly out.

And then there’s the Stevenote (MacWorld 2008 Keynote). Rumors are having their usual go-around, and I’m personally in favor of the iBrain and anti-gravity boots. Oughta be great. When it comes right down to it, I think I can reasonably expect to be slavering over at least something that will be announced tomorrow morning. I may not buy it, but I’ll at least be slavering.

These snow showers are likely to continue through tomorrow morning too. I’ve been walking to work every day this year, but I may break that streak tomorrow. Aside from not wanting to walk in slush and snow, my lungs are giving me a bit of a fit with congestion. Kind of annoying. After I walked to work today, I felt like I was coughing through the whole damn day – and not making any headway with it. So tomorrow I’m likely to take it easy and let the lungs heal a bit, maybe even just take the bus to work for old times sake, and of course I’ll be watching the stevenote. 

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